Thank you for taking the time to learn about where I stand on important policy issues. I hope to earn your support for re-election so that I may continue the work we started together. Growing up in Canton, my dad worked at Ford and Mom worked overnights at Meijer, so they could take care of my sisters and me. We are like a lot of Michigan families – we got by on hard work and a strong community. But in today’s Michigan, working hard doesn’t always cut it. That's why we need leaders in Lansing who will stand up for families like mine and support our students and expand the middle-class. I believe that together we can make Lansing work for us.

– Kristy

Invest in Education

Kristy’s highest priority is to ensure our state invests in high-quality schools to make Michigan a top 10 education state. That’s why Kristy has introduced legislation to allow schools more flexibility in getting the necessary funds to cover education expenses, require all public schools to contribute to the teacher retirement fund and return the School Aid Fund to its intended purpose of solely funding K-12 schools. A former education policy aide to Senator Debbie Stabenow, Kristy will advocate for smart, research-based education policy. She supports reducing class sizes, investing in early childhood education, and creating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs in every high school.

Fix Our Roads

The condition of Michigan’s roads is more than an embarrassment—it deters economic growth, requires our residents to make costly auto repairs and is a safety hazzard. Kristy favors long-term solutions over short-term fixes. She advocates for a substantial increase in overweight truck fees that do the most damage to our roads. Michigan continues to be at the bottom with some of the lowest overweight truck fees in the country. Furthermore, Kristy knows we must reduce our weight limits on heavy trucks and hold contractors accountable for the road work they do. Kristy does not support increasing regressive fuel taxes making it more difficult for working families to make ends meet. Michigan is one of only eight states that applies our full sales tax to gas purchases. Using a portion of our sales tax revenue for road funding is one solution that does not increase taxes or the price we pay at the pump.

Create Good-Paying Jobs

No one who works hard in Michigan should live below the poverty line. That’s why Kristy supports increasing the minimum wage and jumpstarting our economy by keeping talent in Michigan. A union daughter, Kristy will fight to repeal Michigan’s harmful Right to Work for Less law. As a small-business owner herself, Kristy believes that investing in small businesses and entrepreneurs will strengthen local economies and communities. Kristy has a plan to give small and local businesses the first crack at government contracts, so we keep jobs here in Michigan instead of shipping them overseas. 

Keep Young People in Michigan

These days, many young people choose where to live based on the place, not the job. Kristy knows that to keep our young people in Michigan, we must make communities safe, vibrant, and welcoming. That’s why Kristy supports investing in public transportation and cultural economic development. Furthermore, Kristy will fight to ensure Michigan is safe and welcoming to all by adding protections for LBGT residents to the Elliot Larsen Civil Rights Act.

Stand Up for Seniors

Kristy believes our state’s workers deserve a secure retirement. She will fight for the repeal of the senior retirement tax, which takes hard-earned money out of seniors’ pockets. She also supports policies to protect seniors from identify theft and strenthen consumer protection laws so that no senior is taken advantage of.

Protect Women’s Health

A former leader of a pro-choice woman’s organization, Kristy believes a woman’s health care should be decided between her and her doctor — not politicians in Lansing. Kristy also fought to increase funding for sexual assault prevention and service programs that currently cover only 33 of Michigan’s 83 counties.

Protect Our Natural Resources 

Kristy will fight to end the dumping of out-of-state radioactive fracking waste in Michigan, to prevent this toxic waste from affecting our drinking water. She has also introduced legislation to prevent the sale of toxic coal tar driveway sealants to keep the dangerous chemicals that contain carcinogens away from children being exposed at playgrounds and our water safe from chemicals in water runoff. 

Fighting for Veterans 

The men and women who served our country deserve not only our gratitude and respect, but the best care possible as they age or cope with injuries sustained in the line of duty. As a member of the House Oversight and Ethics Committee, Kristy has been part of the investigation into substandard care at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. She’s determined to uphold our promises to Michigan servicemen and women and give them the best care possible.

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