"My priorities are your priorities." - Rep Kristy Pagan

Thank you for taking the time to learn about where I stand on important policy issues. Growing up in Canton, my dad worked at Ford and Mom worked overnights at Meijer, so they could take care of my sisters and me. We are like a lot of Michigan families – we got by on hard work and a strong community. But in today’s Michigan, working hard doesn’t always cut it. That's why we need leaders in Lansing who will stand up for families like mine and support our students and expand the middle-class. I believe that together we can make Lansing work for us.


Invest in Education

Fully fund our public schools 

Remove the profit motive plaguing our school funding model

Support teachers, parents and students with a individualized education approach 

Support early literacy initiatives so that every child can read by 3rd grade

Smaller class sizes

Fix our Roads


End corporate tax cuts to fund and fix our roads

Charge overweight trucks that do the most damage to our roads

Ensure longterm warranties on road repair 

Clean Water and Clean Air

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Protect our Great Lakes

Clean air and water for every community 

End the Flint Water Crisis

Our Great Lakes are not for sale

Prohibit radio active fracking waste, ban coal tar, clean up PFAS

Shut down Line 5 oil pipeline

Create Good-Paying Jobs

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Increase the minimum wage

Support Small Businesses

Pass the Earned Income Tax Credit

Prioritize Michigan businesses 

Affordable Health Care


Support Healthy Michigan - Michigan's Medicaid Expansion

Medicare for All

Pass Health Care Bill of Rights

Adopt Earned Paid Sick Leave

Hold insurance companies accountable for medical costs

Stand up for Seniors


Repeal the senior pension tax

Protect retirement savings

End of life care

Support the Attorney General's Elder Abuse Task Force

Women's Health and Equality

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Pass the Reproductive Health Care bill package

Pass Equal Pay protections

Invest in maternal and prenatal healthcare

Reduce infant mortality 

Update the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act

End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Proud to report the Michigan House of Re

Pass the bipartisan sexual assault bill package 

Pass address confidentiality legislation 

Fund prevention and outreach efforts though local service organizations

Michigan Talent Agenda 


Keep talent in Michigan

Invest in the creative economy 

Support the MI Opportunity Scholarship and Michigan Reconnect Program 

Steward of the State Budget and Your Tax Dollars


View the state budget here: michigan.gov/mibudget

Support a transparent budgeting process 

Pass a balanced budget that meets the needs of Michigan residents

Reform Michigan's Auto No-Fault System

Adopt the Fair and Affordable Auto No-Fault Plan to save drivers money while protecting benefits

Remove non-driving factors such as credit scores and zip codes when determining auto insurance rates

Champion for Children

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Expand access to the Child Development and Care (CDC) program that provides quality childcare 

Take proactive steps to end poverty

Create a child abuse registry known as "Wyatt's Law" to prevent future child abuse